Monday, 23 March 2009


Took some awesome new pictures as a response to Elinor Carruci I can't put them up just yet but they are very nice :D

Finally getting through the piles of work I have to do coursework is coming along now, redoing my final piece and printing of some extra pieces and it should be fine. Exam work is going ok it'll come together eventually and media coursework is a pain but will be over this time next week ^_^.

Started reading this comic today.......

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Hello and thankyou for visiting my blog, if you like my work then please comment on any of the posts which take your interest or contact me via email. I am hoping to set up a new website where I can sell prints as well as having a place to post my ideas and showcase my work. Any photographers out there who want opinions on there work please give me links to your work i'm always interested in seeing new and old photographer's work thanks again.

Erik Niemz