Friday, 6 March 2009


Due to my annotation needing expanding on and my project taking to drastic a leap from looking at others identity to my own for a final idea amongst a few other little things, my preliminary coursework grade was marked at a C predicted a B. This annoyed me somewhat which must have shown through my excessive nodding and agreeing with the my teacher as they encouraged me that my photos were at an A grade but my annotation was letting me down. This was a consolation prize that was irrelevant due to the fact that my analysis and explanation did not match my work. I couldn't help feeling useless because if this was a final mark I would be devastated that the one thing I excel at when assessed rates me at a below average. The changes I have to make won't take too much effort but at this point I need motivation and confidence for my new project not a harsh truth about my last one. Anger won't help, Indulgence won't help but adhering to these things is just going to eat at me and feel unfulfilled in the end.... whats the answer ??????

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Erik Niemz