Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Well its finally come to it 5 years later and i'm at the point where uni is just round the corner excited would be a massive understatement haha. Without writing an essay i've been looking forward to going to uni for about 3 years now and since then i've completed GCSES doing my final A-Level exams currently and have offers from my top 3 choices. Even though its not like I will be leaving home tomorow i'm so close to the end its hard to stop thinking about everything that is ahead of me. I guess that for the same reason it feels like i'm a footstep away from leaving everything behind. I wonder how much I will change when i'm away from family and close friends of course its not like I will never see them again... but as they've helped shape who I am as a person up untill now I may change alot quicker than I think. But yeah pardon the sentiment! haha.
More importantly i'll be learning alot more about photography in the next few years so there may actually be some good work on here :O



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Erik Niemz