Monday, 19 January 2009

A2 Work and general stuff...

well the deadline for my A2 coursework is in about a week and I am feeling much more confident about my body of work of work as always I need more practical responses as I usually just experiment on photoshop and apart from that bulking up on my annotation. For final piece ideas I am unsure of what to create but I want to incorporate a questionmark symbol and maybe some of the stronger pieces from my course work mixed with a self portrait series/shot questioning my own identity. Media exam is in 2 days and I'm feeling a hell of alot more prepared than I was haha I decided to choose the essay which i was least confident with and try and write it which initially was horrible but after some research and hours staring at the computer screen I managed to pull out a good essay. Uni stuff.... I have an interview in manchester during the first week of febuary and i have posted the mini project that falmouth set me so 'll nearly be at the point where i can confirm my offers etc. Life stuff... well lets jus say it likes to keep me guessing xD


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Hello and thankyou for visiting my blog, if you like my work then please comment on any of the posts which take your interest or contact me via email. I am hoping to set up a new website where I can sell prints as well as having a place to post my ideas and showcase my work. Any photographers out there who want opinions on there work please give me links to your work i'm always interested in seeing new and old photographer's work thanks again.

Erik Niemz