Sunday, 19 October 2008


Soon I will be moving from blogspot to hosting my own website to present my work so for those who are interested the URL will be . This will be the more professional site and I will hopefully incorporate a blog into it or keep this blog going.

I am currently applying for photography and hoping to be accepted into Nottingham Trent University in England ( if you are reading from outside the UK). Part of the application process requires me to present my work in portfolio form. For this I used the booksmart software from a site called I have found it very useful and VERY good for money especially when you are ordering in Bulk. There a lot of places where you can make photo books but for me this is seen to be the most efficient and incredibly easy to use.

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Hello and thankyou for visiting my blog, if you like my work then please comment on any of the posts which take your interest or contact me via email. I am hoping to set up a new website where I can sell prints as well as having a place to post my ideas and showcase my work. Any photographers out there who want opinions on there work please give me links to your work i'm always interested in seeing new and old photographer's work thanks again.

Erik Niemz